The story
the dragon Acorn looking back at the purple horizon with the giant neighbour planet in the nightsky

Imagine worlds that are all inhabited by different kinds of dragons. Big dragons, small dragons - all unique in their own way. One special dragon in particular is Acorn. Her story starts together with her brother Castan and her friend Olive who goes off a little adventure trying to help out a lost dragon. 

The Author & artist
My face :3

My name is Sammy Torres and I'm a freelance artist working from my office at Arsenalet Viborg in Denmark.

I have a bachelor of arts that I took at The Animation Workshop and since my graduation in 2013 I've been living in Viborg working on both small indie projects and big studio productions. 

Whenever I have freetime, I work on my webcomic 'The Draconem Nebula'.

I've loved dragons my whole life so ever since I was little I’ve dreamt about making stories about them. So, in 2014 I began developing the universe, story and characters and on March 12th 2020 I finished chapter 1. 

I do not get funded making this webcomic so if you are interested in supporting me I have a Patreon which is my only means of income specific for this webcomic series. Feel free to go and have a look -> Sammy's Patreon

The goal

The story about Acorn will be 3 chapters long. The first chapter will become a webcomic, free for everybody to see. Then, depending on the circumstances, I'll continue chapter 2 either as a webcomic or find a publisher who'd like to work with me and have it published.

I hope that these 3 chapters will open up for many doors giving this universe possibilities to expand into small side-stories, alternative universe shorts, origin stories and new original stories with new characters within the same universe.


Because chapter 1 is now finished I'm currently preparing thumbnails for chapter 2. If you want to follow my progress, I sometimes post previews at my patron-only Discord server for $5 patrons. You can also follow the TDN Twitter or my DA for any public art I post regarding TDN.

Smol Acorn
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