The story

Imagine worlds that are all inhabited by different kinds of dragons. Big dragons, small dragons - all unique in their own way. One special dragon in particular is Acorn. Her story starts together with her brother Castan and her friend Olive who goes off a little adventure trying to help out a lost dragon. 

The Author & artist
My face :3

My name is Sammy Torres and I'm a freelance artist working from my office at Arsenalet Viborg in Denmark.

I have a bachelor of arts that I took at The Animation Workshop and since my graduation in 2013 I've been living in Viborg working on both small indie projects and big studio productions. 

Whenever I have freetime, I work on my webcomic 'The Draconem Nebula'.

I've loved dragons my whole life so ever since I was little I’ve dreamt about making stories about them. So, in 2014 I began developing the universe, story and characters and on March 12th 2020 I finished chapter 1. 

I do not get funded making this webcomic so if you are interested in supporting me I have a Patreon which is my only means of income specific for this webcomic series. Feel free to go and have a look -> Sammy's Patreon

The goal

The story about Acorn will be 3 chapters long. The first chapter will become a webcomic, free for everybody to see. Then, depending on the circumstances, I'll continue chapter 2 as a webcomic too if I can gather the funds and a team to help me.

I hope that these 3 chapters will open up for many doors giving this universe possibilities to expand into small side-stories, alternative universe shorts, origin stories and new original stories with new characters within the same universe.

I also hope that this project will bring me the opportunity to make friends with creative people and contacts who I can work together with on future dragon-themed projects. 


Because chapter 1 is now finished I'm currently preparing thumbnails for chapter 2. If you want to follow my progress, I sometimes post previews at my patron-only Discord server for $5 patrons. You can also follow the TDN Twitter or my DA for any public art I post regarding TDN.

Smol Acorn
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