· chapter 1 ·
the female dragon Acorn looks over her beautiful valley

Acorn lives in a beautiful valley that she claimed by herself thanks to her skilled hunting ability and cleverness. Despite being most comfortable living by herself, she lets Castan and Olive stay until they are ready to find their own place. Acorn can be very  territorial and will chase away predators and dragons that she considers a threat to her valley.

the female dragon Olive chases wild fireflies in te moonlit night

Olive is the youngest and loves to dwell in water. She’s easily excited can be very cheeky and playful once you’ve befriended her. She’s an excellent swimmer and is better at sneak-ing than Acorn.

Unfortunately, Olive's impatience tends to ruin her hunting all the time.

the male dragon Castan lies in the sunlight in a green forest

Castan is Acorn’s little brother. He's very lucky to have Acorn as a mentor but somedays he just want to lay in the field and enjoy the sunlight and smell flowers.

He has potential in his strength but needs to learn how to use it to his advantage.

the male dragon Tungsten sits withan evil grin in the grey and rainy weather

Tungsten is Acorn's rival. He is persistent and determined to fight her and take her land but he doesn’t have half the wits as Acorn to win a battle or to keep the valley in order. No matter how many times he’s lost he still comes back.

His stubbornness is thicker than his skull.

the female feathered bird dragon Ixora flies to a cliff in the green mountains

Though being lost, Ixora is optimistic in finding the means to bring her home. She's curious of the nature around her as if it's the first time she's seen trees and touched grass.