Olive by Frankie

Acorn by Frankie

Olive and Acorn by Kristin Tree

Acorn made by DawnCatScribbles

Edelweiss made by Avazorous

Acorn made by LaPurrm

Castan made by DemonML

Acorn made by SeaSaltShrimp

Acorn made by DawnCat

Acorn made by Apex

Stilbite made by Zowato

Ixora made by thedarkhyena

Olive made by r0gg0

TDN fanart by ZicDragon

Made by R0GG0

Made by Fllukse

Made by Kazul

Made by SoronaSumiye

Made by VixonyAn

Acorn by Fizzy

Acorn by Rubilight

Made by eraserplains

Made by eraserplains

Made by eraserplains

Made by Aacrell

Made by OokamiMonster

Made by Yasmin Alansari

Made by RiverQuartz

Made by Dschunai

Made by Sezaii

Tungsten by PolandKaiju

Made by Sezaii

Made by Sezaii

Acorn by Rhaeloth

Made by Kayelynn Collins

Made by the Phoenix Pearl

Made by Jellyfishess

Made by Dragonfiish

Made by the Wolvenelf

If you make fanart of TDN then I'd love to add it to the gallery!

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official artworks

Happy Halloween 2019!!



Happy 5th-birthday to Acorn and Olive!

Happy 5th-birthday to Acorn and Olive!

Rolling in Flowers

Rolling in Flowers

Late Evening

Late Evening

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

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TDN Poster 2018

TDN Poster 2018

concept art

Acorn's home, concept sketch from 2017.

These are the very first concept ideas I had for Acorn. Drawn in 2014.

Early concept design for Acorn from 2014. Had this design set for a year or so before I made a new one (and better one ^^' )

Acorn sketches from roughly 2015-2016.

This is various concepts from 2015 to 2017 where Acorn got the look she has today.

Various sketches of Castan from first concepts (2014) to 2016.

Started on Ixora a bit late, these are concept sketches from 2015-2016, I think

Concepts of Olive from 2014 to 2016.

First concept of Tungsten from 2014

Concepts of miscellaneous characters that might appear in chapter 2 and 3. Sketched these around 2015-2017

Miscellaneous character sketches from 2016.