The universe
the nebula
The Draconem Nebula - also called the Xiia Cloud

This nebula is so massive that it holds millions of galaxies.


It's actually something that no nebula can do without collapsing. Because of that, It holds a mystery in itself and many wonder if it will disappear in time like other nebulae.

Because it's formed like a massive serpent, some say it is Xiia herself, the creator of all dragons and life. 

the planetary system
the draconem nebua planetary system

The burning planet.

The biggest one in the solar system with two moons

Because of the near contact with the sun, Zarkania has an equator of constant erupting volcanoes and flowing lava. The only habitable places are on the North and South pole. It's very hot but the native dragons are known for being fire resistant so they have no problem with the scorching heat.

However, other animals do and most have become extinct.


The strange planet.

The second biggest one in the solar system. It has a ring and one moon.

This planet is known for having some of the most hostile and odd-looking dragons. Dragons that can have multiple heads, limbs, eyes and also bioluminescent colors. The North and South pole are plagued in a constant wind blowing many miles per hour with various poisonous gasses. It makes it impossible for any life to live there. 

It's only near the equator that dragons can live.


The young planet.

The smallest one with a moon very close to it. Even though this planet is young, it's covered in a beautiful vegetation and many sorts of fertile fauna. The seas have no salt but consists of freshwater and the entire planet have all sorts of sounds from various colorful animals.


The cold planet.

The one planet farthest away from the sun and because of that it's covered in ice and snow. It also has 3 moons and two rings. Only one area on this planet is inhabitable and each night the sky lights up in the most colorful aurora borealis. Tranquility and solitude are the main reasons why most dragons will travel far to retire there for years or the rest of their days.